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The Progressive Property Community is THE online hub for anyone interested in UK property investment. Here, you can meet, chat, discuss, debate, request help and form partnerships with fellow entrepreneurs, while becoming part of a growing movement of successful property professionals.

This welcoming, buzzing community invites investors from every stage of the professional journey, from veterans with 100+ properties to first-timers considering dipping their toes and making some money.

  • If you have ever wondered whether property investment could be right for you, either to help create some passive income, prepare for a wealthier future or secure a legacy for your family – this is the community you want to join.
  • If you are looking to find the best-informed, most reasonable, knowledgeable and passionate property investors online, either to learn from them or work with them – look no further and get involved.
  • If you have deals to offer, advice to share, properties you want to invest in, or burning questions to ask the UK property market’s greatest investors – you have struck gold, because the Progressive Property Community offers all this and more, and is hungry for your free membership and conversational contributions.

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There are already thousands of members meeting on the Progressive Property Community every day, to pick apart the latest developments in the property world, to make significant deals and to develop lucrative, lasting relationships.

But the Progressive Property Community is not only a place to meet, discuss, and close deals. It is also a resource to find and keep up to date with all Progressive Property’s latest online content, including informative extended posts, penetrating blogs, unmissable podcasts and fantastic videos. Come to the community to learn as well as to share, because everyone is welcome.

Finally, the Progressive Property Community page is also helpfully split into threads, dividing the many comments and conversations taking place each day into straightforward, searchable topics. The last thing we want is over-posting on the thread, so these threads help keep our community vitally helpful and never bogged-down.

Your journey with Progressive Property should begin today, by requesting membership to our exclusive, free community. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities our forum can offer.

Progressive Property forum & Online Community

The Progressive Property forum is designed to give you a platform to ask or answer any questions involving property investing, trading, developing, flipping, high scale trophy buildings, lease options, rent to rent and anything in between.

With hundreds of conversations happening all the time there is a topic for everyone. Users can ask a question any time, day or night, and get answers from real life investors who are in the trenches, facing the same issues you are.

The online forum was created with one goal in mind: to help you make more informed property decisions so you can reach new levels of property success & financial freedom.

Whether you’re a buy & hold investor, a house flipper, a deal packager, or considering pulling the trigger on a tricky investment but need a little guidance on something totally different the Progressive online community & forum can help you avoid costly mistakes & help grow your knowledge, skills, and confidence for both new & experienced investors with disruptive & evolving property investment strategies.

Bringing you incredible property interviews, tools, & tips each week to help you grow & scale your property business & build lasting wealth. No matter what aspect of property investing you want to learn more about, the Progressive Property Forum can be an invaluable source of information to help you achieve financial freedom, choice and profit.

The Progressive Property Forum

A Progressive Property online community (or forum), most hosted on Facebook nowadays, can give you a great, leveraged platform to ask or answer any questions involving general property investing, and the specific niches such as: buy to let, property development, flipping, creative investment, no or low money down, where to invest, how to get started, rent to rent, serviced accommodation and more.

Imagine being able to tap into, for free, hundreds of conversations happening all the time from experts and beginners in Progressive property investment alike. There is a forum and topic for everyone. You can participate, share results, ask questions, read articles, follow experts, or just watch and learn. Some of the biggest names and most successful property investors are in the Progressive Property community, online forum, where real life investors who are in the trenches, facing the same issues you are, share their results, answer your questions and support you. This is likely the best and only place to meet so many active and high profile investors and interact with them personally.

The Progressive Property online forum; an entire community built over the last decade, with over 15,000 active members, was created with one goal in mind: to help you make more informed property decisions so you can reach new levels of property success & financial freedom you know you deserve.

Whether you’re a total newbie or an experienced buy and hold investor looking to scale up or move into more current property strategies, being a member of the Progressive Property community is vital. Old, tacky, hard to use forums are dead, the new more accessible way is through Facebook groups.
You can find live events near you, engage in conversations and debates, find the best property articles and investment resources, gut up close and personal to the (Progressive) Property experts and specialists in all areas of property like flipping, deal packaging, sourcing and trading, and newer strategies like rent to rent and serviced accommodation. You can get access to the best books, audiobooks, video and audio interviews and Progressive Property podcasts, YouTube channel and more low cost and free resources.
The Progressive Property online community and forum can help you avoid costly mistakes to grow your knowledge, skills, and confidence for both new & experienced investors with disruptive & evolving property investment strategies. No matter what aspect of property investing you want to learn more about, the Progressive Property Forum can be an invaluable source of information to help you achieve financial freedom, choice and profit. 

Property Deals

We at Progressive Property want to serve you as effectively as possible, offering you the simplest route to finding your perfect deals. That’s why we have a thread dedicated to enabling our community members to source, package and sell deals within the property market. The deals offered, negotiated and snapped up on this valuable thread include property strategies of every kind, including R2R, buy to let, buy to sell, and many more. Community members come here when they are seeking properties in specific locations, when they have a budget they are looking to spend on starting or expanding their property portfolio, and when they have clear specifications for the kind of property(ies) they are looking to invest in.

If you want to find up-to-date offers of quick sales and longer-term opportunities, this thread contains an enormous range of deals that community members add to and comment on daily. With more and more of the property investment world being catered for and completed remotely through apps, websites, and forums such as ours, the time has never been riper to begin connecting and arranging deals on the Progressive Property Community page.
Join today, and start deal hunting!

Raising and lending funds, plus JV requests

Every investment needs capital, and many investors will require a loan in order to make that profitable purchase or to join that lucrative partnership. That’s why an extremely popular thread on the Progressive Property Community has been created for any investor looking to borrow or lend money, or to express an interest in forging a joint venture (JV) partnership. Updated multiple times each day, Progressive Property invites you to read and contribute to a thread where you could find the ideal partner, lender or borrower you need to close that property deal. As well as JV partnerships, opportunities to create and join syndicates are often posted here too.
Rob Moore and Mark Homer, who co-founded Progressive Property, began their property portfolio by partnering up, sourcing properties, and investing in them via a number of different strategies. In the first 10 years of the business going live, they bought and sold over 700 properties, and continue to do the same today. Without having invested in each other and raised the right funding for each deal, they may never have found comfortable success and never started the Progressive Property Community. If they were to have begun in 2017 instead of 2007, both Rob and Mark would no doubt have started their quest by searching for a partner on the Progressive Property Community. Like many others already have, you really can find the right capital or invest your own money into an exciting, profitable new venture here, on the Progressive Property Community.

Serviced accommodation

Need a place to stay, and want to find a suitable serviced accommodation? Or maybe you have a serviced accommodation property already available to let, and would like to let other entrepreneurs know what you have to offer? Then the Progressive Property Community “Serviced Accommodation” thread is the right place for you. Serviced accommodation sees property owners making their fully furnished properties available for both short and long term let, and often includes facilities similar to those offered at hotels. While serviced accommodation (SA) is a relatively new avenue of property investment, the strategy is growing in popularity, and becoming a more viable business proposition for property investors in the UK.

The Progressive Property Community thread dedicated to SA is regularly used and updated by community members, and covers serviced accommodation properties across the whole of the UK. Community members make requests to other users for SA in specific areas and on specific dates, and others offer their own serviced accommodation to fellow forum members. This thread is also useful for members seeking places to stay when visiting Peterborough for Progressive Property events.

Networking events

The Progressive Property Community thread on networking events offers an eye-popping assortment of opportunities for property meetups across the UK. We all know that networking is key to a healthy, vibrant future in property or any business for that matter, so if you aren’t already regularly attending meetups, you are missing the simplest and most effective trick in the book. Get involved!
Even if you are simply curious about forging a future as a property investor, there is no better way to learn more than by attending a networking event. As much as we strive to make the Progressive Property Community the most helpful place on the web for property investors, each of Progressive Property’s live networking events has a buzzing energy and an encouraging, exciting atmosphere than can’t be replicated online.
Our property networking events take place in most major cities across the UK. At these events, the country’s most enthusiastic, hard-working, friendly and lucrative property investors meet to learn new strategies, forge friendships, find coaches and mentors, and create new business partnerships with infinite potential.
Why not embrace the energy of being surrounded by inspiring investors and peers, and sign up to a Progressive Property Network meetup today? The Progressive Property Community is dedicated to helping you meet the people you need to take your property investment business to the level you are targeting. While we would love you to take us up on our offer of joining us at one of our own property meetups, we’re not the jealous type. That’s why we are happy for Progressive Property Community members to let our members promote ANY property meetups across the country – not just Progressive Property events! Our priority is to help you find your route to success, so visit our property networking thread today and see what’s on offer.

Property Investing tips

The Progressive Property Community isn’t just a place to meet other property entrepreneurs – it’s an ever-growing library of advice and guidance to lead you straight to your investment goals. We are dedicated to bringing you a constant flow of practical, powerful tips and tricks, as well as to prepare you for the many obstacles and challenges that every property investor faces at some point. Gain insights from the UK’s top property investors, and learn the insider’s secrets to sourcing better properties and making bigger profits.

Property Investing Strategies

Need to learn more about your chosen strategy? We have experts from every property investment strategy both working for us and offering their precious advice on the Progressive Property Community, every day. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t decided which strategy will work best for you yet, or if you are interested in buy-to-let, buy-to-rent, rent-to-rent, flipping, joint ventures, HMOs, or newer strategies such as serviced accommodation – there will always be a conversation taking place or an opportunity being offered that you can listen in on or take advantage of.


The property investors that YOU want to meet are on the Progressive Property Community, looking to network and find partnerships and opportunities. Source, request or offer deals on the dedicated deals thread, where the community’s top traders want to hear from you. Every day, community members consult with others on the forum to make new contacts and discuss, negotiate and maybe even close deals.

Property development

The Progressive Property Community is just as excited about developing properties as sourcing, selling and renting them. Find out how other property investors develop their business plans, find the lowest prices, define the best locations, and work out the best times to buy and develop and the strategies that have made them the most money.


Find fellow property investors who are interested in and who work with real estate, learn where is best to buy and the legislation that may affect your deals.


Progressive Property is a company composed of the UK’s leading property development experts, so if you are looking to consult with the best, we are only a message away – and our advice is free! Alternatively, ask a public question on the forum to source answers from our knowledgeable legion of members. Offer your own advice and let the community know the property investment areas you are expert in, and passionate about. Get involved, get noticed, and get the answers you are looking for!

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The Progressive Property Community is your access point to a wealth of information and valuable opportunities, and enables everyone to ask questions concerning property investment, flipping, letting, new property investment legislation changes and opportunities, the best tactics and strategies both proven and brand new.
If you do anything towards becoming a better property investor today, make sure that it’s joining the Progressive Property Community.
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